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fast charging cables


         which kind of cable is the best ? this is a questions for most ones.if you have see this website and read this article I think you will find the answer.the best charging cable must satisfied 2 requirements: one is charging fast ,the others is long uselife not easy broken.our company can do it.also we do third requirements,variety color and shape to be choosen and fit for all phones.
         we have type-c,micro.lighting style,also have magnetic cable ,90 degress charging cable ,3 in 1 charging cable style,2 in one cable  ,double side cable,lanyard cable,bracelet cable ,also custom design is ok.custom logo and package is ok too.
         why different cable is charging time is different ? the reason is that the structure of cable is different.the cooper is the play an important role in transfer the current,more cooper in cable ,it will be charging more fast.our cable have thick cooper inside.so if used it charging ,it will be more efficient.